Valve Corporation Bellevue, WA

About the Job

One thing we have a lot of at Valve is data. Lots and lots of data. And we love using all that information to make better decisions. To help us do that, we're looking for an experienced statistician who can perform quantitative analyses on all aspects of Valve's gameplay, financial, and company data. Intrigued? You'd get to use your extensive statistical knowledge, along with practiced data-mining skills, to derive insights from the immense volumes of data we collect. In addition, you'd improve Valve's existing metrics collection and analysis techniques by formulating new lines of inquiry into untracked metrics and creating best practices for the analysis of all collected data.


  • Researching, designing, developing, and validating statistical models to explain past behavior and to predict future behavior across all Valve products
  • Uncovering latent trends in user behavior by mining existing statistical databases
  • Generating new lines of inquiry by creating novel metrics to incorporate into our existing tracking databases
  • Informing decision-making at Valve by providing quantitative rationale for various decision alternatives
  • Empirically evaluating financial projections and game design hypotheses

Ideal candidates will have

  • A Graduate Degree in Statistics or Applied Mathematics (or equivalent) field
  • Extensive proficiency with one or more of the following pieces of data analysis software: SPSS, Systat, Matlab, R, or equivalent
  • Four years of experience with:
    • Statistics/data modeling in an applied context
    • Relevant statistical techniques to inform the creation of predictive models
  • Proficiency in one or more of the following programming languages: C++, SQL, PHP (or equivalent)