Psychologist, Research/Experimental

Valve Corporation Bellevue, WA

About the Job

In order to create exceptional products that people will use and appreciate, we need to know about human behavior and about the motivations and influences underlying how and why people do what they do. We believe that all game designers are, in a sense, experimental psychologists. That is why we're looking for an experimental psychologist with superior research skills to apply knowledge and methodologies from psychology to game design and all aspects of Valve's operations. We want to leverage your experience with experimental design, research methods, statistics, and human behavior to help craft even more compelling gameplay experiences for future Valve titles. We'd also expect you to research and weigh in on any and all topics that are relevant to improving the experiences of our customers, partners, and employees.


  • Providing relevant insight into human behavior in order to shape gameplay and customer experience
  • Performing statistical analyses on all aspects of Valve's operations: gameplay, financial, and company data
  • Researching compelling new hardware technologies
  • Designing experiments to evaluate various gameplay hypotheses and design choices
  • Improving existing playtesting methodologies while incorporating novel techniques to improve best practices
  • Developing innovative ways of acquiring relevant data to answer open questions about all aspects of Valve's products and business practices


  • A Graduate Degree in Psychology (or equivalent) field
  • Advanced knowledge of statistics
  • Familiarity with one or more of the following pieces of data analysis software: SPSS, Systat, Matlab, R, (or equivalent)
  • Four years of experience with:
    • Experimental design/research methods
    • Relevant research in cognitive, social, human factors, and related disciplines in psychology
  • Proficiency in one or more of the following programming languages: C++, SQL, PHP, (or equivalent)