IVF Lab Supervisor: UH Fertility Center

University Hospitals Beachwood, OH

About the Job


The Technical Supervisor of the Andrology and Embryology Fertility lab is responsible for day-to-day supervision and oversight of the laboratory operations, personnel performing testing and reporting of test results.

Must demonstrate high-level leadership and organizational skills and be accessible to testing personnel in order to provide on-site, telephone or electronic consultation as needed. The Supervisor will be expected to resolve technical problems in accordance with policies and procedures established either by the Laboratory Director or Technical Supervisor. The Supervisor is responsible for providing onsite day-to-day supervision of high complexity test performance by testing personnel qualified under CAP criteria and will enroll and participate in proficiency testing. The Supervisor is responsible for monitoring test analyses and specimen examinations to ensure that highest levels of analytic performance are maintained. The Supervisor assures that all necessary remedial actions are taken whenever test systems deviate from the laboratory’s established high performance specifications. The Supervisor ensures that patient test results are not reported until quality control specifications have been met and ensures that the test system is functioning properly. The Supervisor will provide orientation to all testing and laboratory personnel and will perform annual evaluation and performance documentation. In collaboration with the Lab Director, the Supervisor will help to select test methodologies, facilitate integration of new quality improvement processes, and integrate state of the art technology into the lab setting. The Supervisor will establish and verify laboratory test performance specifications. The Supervisor establishes and oversees a quality control program to monitor ongoing test performance and will resolve technical problems and ensure that remedial actions are taken and documented if required. The Supervisor identifies training needs and establishes a formal program for improvement for lab personnel with ongoing documentation of progress.

Resolving technical problems in accordance with policies and procedures, Onsite day to day supervidion of lab staffs, training and evaluating lab staffs, On-call for alarm, arranging staffing and participating for weekend/holiday rotation, participating quality assurance program. Keeping CLIA, CAP and FDA regulatory compliance, accreditation and licensing requirements with lab director.


Experience & Education: 
Minimum BS 
Minimum 3 years hands-on experience in an established clinical IVF laboratory setting. And should have a good knowledge of QA/QC protocols in IVF laboratory and familiar with CLIA, CAP and FDA regulatory compliance, accreditation and licensing requirements.

Required Credentials, License and/or Certifications: Board eligible or have a Technical Supervisor (TS) or General Supervisor (GS) certification from American Board of Bioanalysis.

Special Skills & Equipment Knowledge: 
Being proficient in all aspects of clinical embryology lab procedures, including egg retrievals, ICSI, blastocyst cultures, embryo grading, laser assisted hatching, oocyte/embryo cryopreservation and PGS/D trophectoderm biopsies and ability for arranging equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.