Sr. Software Engineer

Thermo Fisher Scientific Carlsbad, CA

About the Job

Thermo Fisher is at the heart of the global response to COVID-19 and we’re growing one of the teams supporting this effort. The Global Service and Support Software team is solving the software challenges of connected laboratory and healthcare equipment, as well as the digital infrastructure to support it. We’re a small startup-like team with global reach and you will have a significant impact on the future of connected devices at Thermo Fisher Scientific. As a member of this team you would be expected to collaborate on wide-range of projects - from bringing disparate sources of data together to gain actionable insights to developing the tools for our field- and phone-support to more efficiently troubleshoot and resolve customer issues.

You will integrate systems with 3rd-party APIs and write software that interacts with Internet of Things enabled devices. You will test all of your own code and the frameworks you write, design databases and data structures, and will frequently be learning new technologies.

Many of the things you will work on are new or emerging technologies; often they've never been tried before, and certainly not with the technologies at our disposal. At times, you will have to identify opportunities for new or different technologies and make recommendations on the best way forward. Facing these unknowns likely invigorates you, and learning new frameworks and paradigms might be something you find exciting.


  • You are comfortable writing Python, both within a framework and without one.
  • JavaScript without jQuery doesn't frighten you, and you are comfortable writing it.
  • Writing database queries is a tool in your belt, be it with Postgresql, MySQL, or a NoSQL database.
  • You know why Semantic HTML is important, and can write clean, modular CSS.

Desired Qualifications

  • You value simplicity and scalability in software architecture, design, and practices.
  • You understand object oriented software design / programming & relevant technologies and how to use them (and when to not use them)
  • You're as comfortable on the command line and with shell scripts as you are in an editor and with a normal programming language.
  • You're familiar with the Agile Manifesto, and have good knowledge of Scrum, Kanban, or XP.
  • You’re comfortable building multi-tier, scalable backends and single page frontends, but can
  • Appreciates value of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD)
  • Has the instincts, enthusiasm and experience around testing, testability and test driven development
  • Fast learner who can self-start and "figure out what needs figuring out"
  • 4+ years of experience in commercial software environment using various languages and operating systems