Software Engineer (Intern)

Thermo Fisher Scientific Singapore,

About the Job

Job Responsibilities:
  • Working with team of engineers to develop instrument software which will be used to operate the instrument developed by the company.
  • Implement features based on the requirements given by the team lead/supervisor.
  • Perform investigation and implement using the best design to fulfill the requirements.
  • Perform software testing activities.
  • Knowledge of Java or Android development.
  • Completed minimum 1 project (with UI) in Android or Java.
  • Knowledge in Android architecture component is preferred.
  • Able to pick up new technology quickly.
Learning outcome (at least 3 points)
  • Able to develop/implement features based on the given requirement.
  • Able to demo/present the implemented features.
  • Able to research and propose solution based on the given requirement.
  • Able to develop test cases, execute test cases, update test results and identify failures.