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About the Job

Look for more than answers.  Patients and Physicians rely on our diagnostic testing, information and services to help them make better healthcare decisions. These are often serious decisions with far reaching consequences, and require sensitivity, tact and a clear dedication to service. It’s about providing clarity and hope.

You will work for the world leader in the industry, with a career where you can expand your skills and knowledge. You’ll have a role where you can act with professionalism, you can inspire colleagues, and you can care about the work we do and the people we serve.

At Quest, we are on a continuous journey of discovery and development. It’s this attitude that has made us an industry leader and the #1 Diagnostic Lab in the US. For those joining us, we offer exciting and fast moving career opportunities where you can affect change at a rate unheard of in many organizations of our size and scope. While we invest in and develop technology to drive our innovations, our ongoing success relies on our people.


1.       Fulfill the responsibilities as listed in CLIA ‘88 (42 C.F.R. §493.1495). Additional  responsibilities may be defined by applicable laws and regulations.
2.       Fulfill the responsibilities that have been reapportioned by the Laboratory/Medical Director as detailed in CLIA ’88 (42 CFR §493.1407). Additional responsibilities may be defined by applicable laws and regulations.
3.       If applicable, perform review of anatomic pathology patient samples and quality control and assurance documents.
4.       If applicable, perform review of clinical pathology results and quality control and assurance documents.
5.       Participate in departmental professional Quality Control and Quality Assurance activities, e.g. Dermatopathologist Competency Assessment Program.
6.       Interact with ordering physicians who request to speak with a Dermatopathologist.
7.       Comply with all Quest Diagnostics policies including but not limited to the following:
a.       Observe all policies in “Your Compliance Policy Handbook”
b.      Obtain the minimum Continuing Medical Education credits as required by current policy entitled “Professional Benefits/Continuing Education Policy For Physicians”
c.       Adhere to existing and new Standard Operating Procedures and Policies as issued by the Best Practice Teams and local business unit, including any standards that exceed the minimum requirements of federal, state and local laws and regulations.
d.      Assist Quest Diagnostics in assuring that applicable Quest Diagnostics policies as well as federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations concerning health and safety are met.
8.       Cooperate with other Quest Diagnostics initiatives and programs that may arise from time to time such as the following:
a.       Serve on Quest Diagnostics’ Best Practice Teams, Six Sigma Teams or other specific committees and to participate in and/or direct special projects to meet the professional and business goals of Quest Diagnostics.
b.      Maintain timely contact with pathologists and other physicians and scientists, to be responsive to their needs, and to respond in a timely manner to their requests for consultation concerning test methodology and clinical correlation of Quest Diagnostics testing services.
c.       Assist in any special project such as test method validation, reference range standardization, safety and quality assurance.
d.      Assist Quest Diagnostics in professional liaison with professional societies concerned with clinical laboratory medicine. This includes professional medical associations, governmental agencies, and other regulatory bodies concerned with the nature and scope of clinical laboratory business.

1.    Dermatopathologists who will be providing professional services within the United States or United States territories must meet subsections a-d as applicable: (job offers will be made contingent on obtaining board certification within first year of employment)

a.    Meet the qualifications as listed in CLIA ‘88 as applicable to intended job duties [see: 42 C.F.R. §493.1449(a)(b) and/or (k) for cytology, and/or (l) for histopathology]
b.   Must be certified by the American Board of Dermatology or Pathology (or equivalency for osteopathic physicians) in the specialty of Dermatopathology within the original period of eligibility if hired as a credentialed Dermatopathologist.

2.    Dermatopathologists who practice outside of the United States and its territories must meet the applicable regulatory requirements and demonstrate proficiency through processes equivalent to American Board of Pathology certification that are available in the country in which he or she is employed.

3.    Must be a physician qualified to assume professional, scientific, consultative, organizational, administrative, and educational responsibility for the services offered by the laboratory.

4.    Active unrestricted medical licensure for the state, territory, or country where the business unit is located (job offers will be made contingent on obtaining active licensure).

5.    Successful completion of the Quest Diagnostics Medical Staff Credentialing process (job offers will be made contingent on acceptable review):

a.    Verification of Education/Degree
Pathologists meeting the qualifications in 4.1.a but not in 4.1.d may examine and result skin biopsies but may not hold themselves up to be a credentialed Dermatopathologist.

b.    Verification of State (or applicable) Medical License

c.    Verification of Board Certification

d.    Check of the (United States) National Practitioners' Database and review of claims against the dermatopathologist (at the discretion of Credentialing Committee).

6.    Employee and Contract Applicants must successfully pass an anatomic pathology slide test examination.

7.    No prior experience outside of residency training is required.