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  • Location: Hollywood, FL, 33024
  • Date Posted: 2022-08-03
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Category: Non-Profit
  • Req Number: 18841
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Children and families often experience increased anxiety about illness and medical procedures. Primary role will be to help infants, children, youth and families cope with the stress and uncertainty of hospitalization. Provide direct patient care utilizing developmentally appropriate therapeutic play, education, preparation and support. Collaborates with the healthcare team to provide social, emotional, and developmental support during a pediatric patient's illness and hospitalization.


Detailed responsibilities:
• Performs developmental and psychosocial assessments of patients. Collaborates with the healthcare team to plan appropriate interventions, provide appropriate education to patients and their caregivers, help reduce patient stress and anxiety, and build and maintain positive relationships with patients, families, and organizations/groups that support pediatric patients and programs.
• Supports patients through difficult tests, procedures and sometimes drastic changes due to chronic or acute illness, treatment and recovery.
• Promotes the role of parents and other family members as full partners on the healthcare team and promotes the philosophy of patient- and family-centered care.
• Develops and/or participates in outreach and educational activities to educate families, staff and the community about issues and services related to ill and hospitalized children.
• Implements therapeutic play to facilitate healing, coping, mastery, self-expression, creativity, achievement and learning.
• Orients, trains, and supervises child life students and volunteers
• The responsibilities listed are a general overview and additional duties may be assigned

Competencies and skills:
• STANDARDS OF BEHAVIOR: Acts in a manner that supports the standards of communication, respect, privacy, and teamwork by demonstrating a commitment to professional and ethical conduct.
• CUSTOMER SERVICE: Demonstrates commitment to service excellence by promptly addressing internal/external customer issues/requests, resolving concerns while maintaining a professional image and behavior to build and enhance the patient/family/customer experience.
• ACCOUNTABILITY: Accepts ownership of job roles and specific assignments/goals; works independently, takes responsibility for own actions; admits mistakes and judgment errors; and accepts constructive feedback. Connects personal work results to the accomplishment of team and organizational goals.
• RESPONDING TO CHANGE: Accepts change and adapts in a positive and productive manner; handles unexpected situations and changes in direction calmly and with confidence. Views new assignments and job responsibilities as an opportunity for growth.
• DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS: Builds positive and productive business relationships with individuals and groups.
• EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Communicates effectively with various audiences using the most appropriate method for the situation.
• CHILD LIFE DEVELOPMENT: Use age specific developmental principles when interacting with ill and injured children.
• PATIENT AND FAMILY CENTERED CARE: "Provides Patient and Family Centered Care to patients, families, visitors and internal customers"



• Bachelors


Education specialization:
• Child Development


Education equivalent experience:
• In a related field and 600 hour internship completion.


Other information:
Complexity of Work: Requires critical thinking skills, decisive judgment and the ability to work with minimal supervision. Must be able to work in a stressful environment and take appropriate action.

Required Work Experience: Two (2) years experience working with children. Prefer at least 1 year of experience in a Child Life Program

600 hour internship completion needed under the direct supervision of a Certified Child Life Specialist



Working conditions:
• Bending and Stooping    60.00%
• Climbing    40.00%
• Keyboard Entry    60.00%
• Kneeling    40.00%
• Lifting/Carrying Patients 35 Pounds or Greater    40.00%
• Lifting or Carrying 0 - 25 lbs Non-Patient    60.00%
• Lifting or Carrying 25.01 lbs - 75 lbs Non-Patient    40.00%
• Lifting or Carrying > 75 lbs Non-Patient    20.00%
• Pushing or Pulling 0 - 25 lbs Non-Patient    60.00%
• Pushing or Pulling 26 - 75 lbs Non-Patient    60.00%
• Pushing or Pulling > 75 lbs Non-Patient    40.00%
• Reaching    60.00%
• Repetitive Movement Hand/Arm    60.00%
• Running    40.00%
• Sitting    60.00%
• Squatting    40.00%
• Standing    60.00%
• Walking    60.00%
• Audible Speech    60.00%
• Hearing Acuity    60.00%
• Depth Perception    60.00%
• Distinguish Color    60.00%
• Seeing - Far    60.00%
• Seeing - Near    60.00%
• Bio hazardous Waste    40.00%
• Biological Hazards - Respiratory    40.00%
• Biological Hazards - Skin or Ingestion    40.00%
• Blood and/or Bodily Fluids    40.00%
• Communicable Diseases and/or Pathogens    40.00%
• Cytotoxic Chemicals    40.00%
• Dust    40.00%
• Hazardous Chemicals    40.00%
• Hazardous Medication    40.00%
• Latex    40.00%
• Computer Monitor    60.00%
• Domestic Animals    40.00%
• Fire Risk    20.00%
• Moving Mechanical Parts    40.00%
• Needles/Sharp Objects    40.00%
• Potential Electric Shock    20.00%
• Potential for Physical Assault    20.00%
• Wet or Slippery Surfaces    40.00%



Organizational Profile:

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is a 226 bed free-standing children’s hospital in Hollywood, Broward County, Florida located near Fort Lauderdale. The hospital is currently undergoing a 4-story vertical expansion to double the number of floors and to continue to meet its commitment to providing the highest quality and safest care for children in the region.

JDCH is one of 6 hospitals that are part of Memorial Healthcare System, the 3rd largest public health system in the country. Memorial delivers nearly 14,000 babies per year in 3 hospitals and has 132 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – both level 2 and 3 (the state of Florida does not yet have a separate designation for level 4 care). JDCH has robust high-risk and congenital programs including a US News and World Report ranked pediatric Cardiology and Heart Surgery Program, one of only two active programs in the state that does heart transplants. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine program is also ranked by US News and World Report as number one in Florida and is one of the largest programs in the southeastern United States. JDCH also has robust Neurosciences, Hematology/Oncology and other specialized surgical programs (approximately 10,000 surgeries per year). They also have the area’s largest pediatric and neonatal transport team, which also does mobile ECMO. JDCH serves over 375,000 children per year from around the state. Approximately 100,000 children are cared for in our 3 emergency rooms across the county per year. JDCH’s services continue to grow with the opening of the new specialty center/ambulatory surgery center in Palm Beach County in 2018 and a new ambulatory pavilion in Miramar, near Miami-Dade County which will open in 2021.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital offers resources for academic pursuits, spanning from clinical research to basic science investigation via affiliations with nearby universities and through its Pediatric Institute for Discovery and Innovation (PIDI). Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital has an established pediatric residency program and deep relationships with other hospital providers and universities.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital combines leading-edge clinical excellence with a child- and family-friendly environment that emphasizes the Power of Play. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services – delivered with kindness, dedication and compassion.

Disclaimer: This job description is not intended, nor should it be construed to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with the job. It is intended to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification.