Utility Inspector Packer

Johns Manville Defiance, OH

About the Job

OBJECTIVE: Responsible for performing all duties on a professional level and complying with the Production Superintendent, under direct supervision of the Shift Supervisor. Working from general instructions from the plant management team, and all levels within the organization in support of the four Johns Manville core values: People, Passion, Performance, and Protection. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: 1.Show initiative in supporting safety, plant wide. Participate on committees as required. 2.Records required data on prescribed report form. 3.May assist in taking product samples for quality checks. 4.Keeps equipment, work areas and other prescribed areas clean and orderly at all times. 5.Conducts safety inspections on all machines. 6.Periodically perform machine set up to meet production needs. 7.Train and learn different aspects of different positions as needed. 8.Trains and instructs new or lesser experienced employees as required. 9.Follows the Lean Production method using 5S Procedures and Guidelines. 10.Ensures that all 5S areas of responsibility have been completed before end of shift. 11.Wears all required PPE. 12.Performs other related duties as directed, including duties of lower classification. 13.Operates a lift truck or other material handling equipment in servicing production as required. 14.Delivers glass of proper type, furnace and date to the Insulation Department and assists in dumping and servicing to proper machine. 15.Secures and maintains supply of empty pallets for use in storing raw materials and finished goods. 16.Re-positions and stacks materials in various storage locations as necessary. 17.Reports all operational and mechanical difficulties observed or encountered on material handling equipment and observes malfunctioning equipment and reports condition to the supervisor. 18.Performs any duties connected with the take-off end of a unit that are necessary to inspect, remove, pack, scrap, prepare, or otherwise dispose of all material coming from the unit. 19.Removes completed rolls or pieces of wool from wind-up and starts new roll or sections at the wind-up; accurately weighs and records weights as required; wraps or packs specified quantities of rolls or pieces by hand or using packing machines; identifies each package in a prescribed manner; stacks packages on carts, pallets, trucks or other designated area. Handles carts as required. 20.Observes material coming from unit for all types of visual and physical defects such as improper cure, binder distribution, color, primary fibers, slugs, streamers, knots, improper thickness and density, registration, dirt, damage, etc. Asides defective material for subsequent disposition. Notifies Machine Chief or Shift Supervisor of consistent defects so that corrective action may be taken. 21.Operates facing application equipment; sets up and maintains glue in glue stripper pan; changes printing wheels and keeps them in proper adjustment; maintains ink supply; changes facing paper rolls and maintains proper registration. 22.May trim or cut pieces of insulation by hand or trimmer. Feeds core rolls as required and performs salvage operations. 23.Prepares packaging material for use including labeling, packages, labeling, cartons, etc; applies labels; cuts paper efficiently; keeps adhesive pots filled; assembles cartons; keeps staplers supplied. 24.Sets up and maintains stretch wrappers, assuring proper packaging. 25.Handles and removes all scrap from units, strips it and bales it or otherwise disposes of it as directed. 26.Assists other members of the crew in starting up and shutting down a unit. Assists in cleanouts including cleaning oven flights, sizers, suction boxes, stacks, etc. 27.Assists in all duties pertaining to product changes as the cold end as directed including setting up facing application equipment, adjusting printers, etc. 28.Assists other crew members during emergencies such as fires, jams, roll wraps, break outs, etc. 29.Notifies Quality Control, Machine Chief and Shift Supervisor regarding production of questionable quality material. 30.Relieves other crew members as directed and remains on assigned job until properly relieved. 31.Observes for malfunctions or equipment and for unusual operating conditions taking corrective action or notifying supervision so that corrective action may be taken. 32.Uses safe work practices and reports hazardous conditions. JOB MEASUREMENTS: Effective interpersonal and communication skills, ability to work in team-based environment, flexibility, the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment in a safe manor, demonstrated ability to handle multiple priorities during the course of the day. JOB LOCATION: The responsibilities for this job are performed on the production plant floor. Conditions are often hot, with temperatures ranging from 70-115 degrees. The environment may be dirty from oils/grease and may be noisy from the machinery. Required personal protective equipment must be worn at all times. REQUIREMENTS: * High School diploma or GED * Flexible in work and assignments We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse testing Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled