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  • Location: Cupertino, CA, 95014
  • Date Posted: 2019-01-17
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Category: Restaurant
  • Req Number: 7c607c93-cff5-4054-9c36-a77800f638df
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Grill  Reads grill video monitor to prepare ordered products.  Prepares menu products according to procedure, including: warms/toasts/grills bread products, cooks items on grill, operates timers and removes products when timer sounds.  Discards ingredients/products that have expired or don’t meet quality standards.  Sets up and maintains equipment; keeps workstation stocked; maintains cleanliness of work area, wearing appropriate safety equipment. Assembly  Reads video monitor and assembles products using correct ingredients and portioning, correctly packages products, and verifies the appearance and quality of presentation, temperature of product, and order accuracy before delivery to guest.  Discards ingredients/products that have expired or don’t meet quality standards.  Prep  Places frozen products in appropriate place to defrost, places defrosted product in proper container and storage area, and arranges product for first-in, first-out rotation.  Opens product packages, places in proper storage units, and affixes shelf life labels. Ensures all food prep and storage areas are kept neat and clean at all times, and complies with JIB food safety standards.  Visually checks and inspects all ingredients for freshness.  Measures, assembles, and prepares ingredients for various products according to product mix information. Fryer  Reads fryer video monitor prepare ordered products.  Prepares fryer products, including: places product in appropriate rack/basket and places in correct fryer, operates timers, removes/drains product when timer sounds, codes product, places product in appropriate container and/or holding bin.  Maintains cleanliness and stock of work station areas including the fryer prep area, display bin, freezer, refrigerator, and holding units. Interior  Empties trash cans, sweeps and mops floors, vacuums carpet, washes tables and chairs, cleans windows and doors; cleans and stocks restrooms.  Washes and sanitizes dishes and utensils by hand or using dishwasher.  Changes or filters fryer shortening wearing required safety equipment, scrubs fryer units, discards old shortening, cleans vents and fryer screens.  Cleans and maintains equipment, including storage freezer, storage refrigerator, drink dispenser, ice bins, syrup lines, grease catch pans, and POS equipment.  Cleans miscellaneous interior items (i.e. wipes down menu boards, order counter, etc.). Visually checks and inspects all areas for cleanliness. Exterior  Sweeps and picks-up trash in parking lots, drive-thru area, sidewalks, and curbs.  Empties trash cans, and cleans miscellaneous exterior items (i.e. – drive-thru menu board).  Cleans drive-thru and dumpster slabs. Visually checks and inspects all areas for cleanliness.  Receiving & Storage  Receives and stores products on delivery following established procedures.