Security Guard

Hilton Beijing, Beijing

About the Job

Job Description

Position Summary位概


1.       Specify the own level and responsibility of security management. Have high standards and strict requirements, and play the own responsibility in department anf hotel safety management work.


2.       Take more responsibilities and tasks than hotel employees; under supervisor guide to complete safety work.

要承担比酒店员工更多的安全工作职责、任务, 在主管的带领下完成安全工作职责.

3.       Regular checks of emergency fire fighting equipments during working.


4.       As arrangement and time inspection at public areas, restaurants, kitchens, guest floors, office area and equipment rooms, to ensure that all guests and team members’ safety and comfort, and security situation in the surrounding area.


5.       Be familiar with hotel’s structure; also be familiar with the location, quantity and function of fire fighting and security equipments and skilled use all security and firefighting equipments.


6.       Strictly compliance the security procedure of fire / bomb threatens etc. hotel each safety emergency disposal procedure.



Specific Job Knowledge, Skill and Ability工作技能技巧要求:

1.       Skilled use fire fighting equipment and facilities.


2.       Operate computer system skilled.


3.       Good communication skill.


4.       Report to the superiors since obtain and determine the important information.


5.       Be familiar with your own department, and ensure relevant knowledge including legal information.

熟识了解您部门的工作, 确保相关知识的更新包括法律方面的信息

6.       Experience and ability with disposal of all kinds of emergencies