Demi chef -厨房领班(西厨房)

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  • Location: Shanghai, Shanghai, 200000
  • Date Posted: 2024-01-25
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Category: Restaurant
  • Req Number: HOT0A9UG
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With thousands of hotels in over 100 countries and territories, Hilton offers countless opportunities to delight. From an open door to a welcoming smile and an exceptional experience, we offer the millions of travellers who stay with us every year a welcome they will never forget. In addition to our flagship brand, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, the family of brands includes Waldorf Astoria, LXR, Conrad, Canopy, Curio Collection, DoubleTree, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton and many others.

If you appreciate the impact global travel can have on the world, you may be just the person we are looking for to work as a Hilton Team Member. Because it's with Hilton where we never forget the reason we're here: to delight our guests, Team Members, and owners alike.

Position Statement
(if any)

A Demi Chef de Partie prepares and cooks food in all areas of the kitchen according to standard procedures, recipe cards, photographs and given instructions. This role assists the Chef de Partie in training team members. He / she participates in product development and in controlling the smooth operation of the kitchen.

What will I be doing? Position Summary
(bullet points)

As the Demi Chef de Partie, you will be responsible for performing the following tasks to the highest standards:

· Prepare food for guests and team members efficiently, economically, and hygienically as per standard recipes and procedures.

· Supervise work operations.

· Support the Sous Chef or the Chef de Partie in ensuring smooth operation of the kitchen and prompt service at all times.

· Plan, prepare and implement high quality food and beverage products and set-ups in the restaurant.

· Work seamlessly with recipes, standards and plating guides.

· Maintain cleanliness and hygiene according to safe and sound procedures as well as established FSMS standards.

· Maintain all HACCP aspects within the hotel operation.

· Use all equipment, tools and machines appropriately.

· Work for off-site events when tasked.

· Complete tasks and jobs outside of the kitchen area when requested.

· Assist in inventory taking.

· Knowledgeable of hotel's occupancy, events, forecasts and achievements.

· Prepare menus as requested.

· Work closely with the Stewarding department to ensure high levels of cleanliness and low levels of lost and breakages.

· Effectively respond to every guests' requests.

· Learn and adapt to changes.

· Maintain at all times a professional and positive attitude towards team members and supervisors.

· Adhere to established hotel rules and team member handbook, ensuring all team members under your supervision do so as well for the department to operate smoothly.

· Check and follow-up on the ingredients for the ala carte menus, daily menus, and seasonal specials, maintaining the standards of pre-set recipes, portion control and costing at all times.

· Monitor food quality and quantity to ensure the most economical usage of ingredients.

· Check that the quality of food prepared by team members meet the required standard and make the necessary adjustments.

· Monitor overall food operation and ensure that food items are being prepared in a timely and correct manner.

· Understand, practice and promote teamwork to achieve missions, goals, and overall departmental standards.

· The Management reserves the right to make changes to this job description at its sole discretion and without advance notice.

· Carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Direct Reports
(if any)

Commis I/Commis II/Commis III/Trainee

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· 为客人和团队成员高效率的提供食物,做到物美价廉,要按照标准食谱制作并且要符合食品卫生 。

· 监督厨房的正常运作。

· 在厨房运作方面支持副厨师长或厨房主管工作,保证提供高效率的服务。

· 计划和准备执行高质量的食品和摆台在指定的区域和餐厅。

· 严格按照菜谱、标准和摆盘标准。

· 继续保持清洁和卫生依照安全和可靠的程序制定的卫生标准。

· 在酒店运营之中保持HACCP各方面要求。

· 正确操作所有的设备、器具和机器。

· 能够接受外场工作任务。

· 能够接受在厨房以外的地点完成工作。

· 可以被要求进行盘点工作。

· 所有团队成员都应知道关于住宿率,宴会,预测计划和收益。

· 与管事部紧密的工作关系确保高质量的清洁和最低程度的破损率。

· 对于每位客人的要求要及时作出回应使客人满意。

· 积极的学习和不断的创新菜肴。

· 时刻保持以专业和积极的态度对待团队成员和上级,行为举止以酒店的规则和团队成员手册的依据,确保部门的良好运营。

· 检查团队成员准备的食品质量按需求标准和做出必要的调整。

· 参加并积极地参与所有的培训。

· 监控整个食品操作并确保食品按时和正确地操作。

· 时刻理解、实践和促进团队合作,提高工作效率,达到使命和目标以及部门的总体标准。

· 如有必要 ,管理层有权更改或补充该职位描述。

· 完成任何其他合理的职责和被指派的职责。

What are we looking for?

A Demi Chef de Partie serving Hilton Brands is always working on behalf of our Guests and working with other Team Members. To successfully fill this role, you should maintain the attitude, behaviours, skills, and values that follow:

· Junior Middle School graduate or above.

· Technical education in hospitality or culinary school preferred.

· Minimum of 3 years as Cook in Chinese / Banquet / Main / Pastry Kitchen in a 5-star category hotel or individual restaurant with high standards.

· At least 1 year as Commis I in an international brand hotel or individual restaurant with high standards.

· Possess a valid Health certificate.

· Proficient with a variety of steaming, baking and soup cooking techniques. (For Chinese / banquet kitchen)

· Must have a variety of seafood and meat processing techniques.

· Familiar with a variety of cooked food processing, storing and receiving standards. (For main kitchen)

· Proficient in pastry and bread baking techniques. (For pastry kitchen)

· Able to work with and consume all products and ingredients.

· Able to set priorities and complete tasks in a timely manner.

· Work well in stressful situations, remain calm under pressure and able to solve problems.

· Able to work in a moist, hot and sometimes loud environment.

· Possess good leadership and training skills.

· Up to date with sanitation classes.

· Knowledgeable in HACCP.

What will it be like to work for Hilton?

Hilton is the leading global hospitality company, spanning the lodging sector from luxurious full-service hotels and resorts to extended-stay suites and mid-priced hotels. For nearly a century, Hilton has offered business and leisure travelers the finest in accommodations, service, amenities and value. Hilton is dedicated to continuing its tradition of providing exceptional guest experiences across its global brands. Our vision to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality unites us as a team to create remarkable hospitality experiences around the world every day. And, our amazing Team Members are at the heart of it all!



· 教育: 初中毕业以上学历,最好是或专业烹饪学校毕业。

· 工作年限: 至少三年在五星级酒店的中厨房/宴会厨房/主厨房/饼房或较高级别的个体餐厅相关工作经验。

· 管理经验: (如有) 至少一年国际品牌酒店相同部门或较高级别的个体餐厅的一级厨师经验。

· 资质证书: (如有) 持有效期内的健康证。

· 中餐/宴会厨房领班要掌握各种蒸点,甜汤,酥皮类点心的工作技能。

· 主厨房、风味特色餐厅厨房领班要掌握海鲜,肉类的切配,加工技术,熟悉各种食物加工后的储存标准知识,熟悉标准的收货程序。

· 饼房领班要具备各种糕点,面包等烘焙类产品的工作技能。

· 能够合理消耗所有产品和配料。

· 有能力按照事情的优先顺序按时完成任务。

· 在压力下很好地完成工作,保持冷静解决问题。

· 能够在潮湿,炎热和不时吵闹的环境中工作。

· 具备与职位相匹配的领导才能和培训技巧。

· 掌握最更新的食品卫生知识。

· 掌握食品安全体系方面的知识。


希尔顿全球是国际最具知名度的酒店管理公司之一,其下品牌包括从豪华的全面服务酒店,度假村到公寓式酒店以及中端酒店等。近一个世纪,希尔顿全球致力于通过全球品牌. 延续为全球客户提供优质服务的传统,坚持为商务和休闲旅游人士提供最优质的客房、服务、产品和品牌价值。我们的愿景“让世界充满阳光,让大家都感受到热情的温暖 -让世界充满阳光,让大家都感受到热情的温暖,提供与众不同的卓越体验,让每位宾客在每家酒店的每次住宿都倍感满意” 团结我们作为一个团队每天都在世界各地创造非凡的酒店体验。同时,我们的惊人的团队成员的是希尔顿的核心所在!