Assistant Chief Engineer 副总工程师

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Job Details

  • Location: Yuxi, Yunnan, 652500
  • Date Posted: 2024-01-23
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Category: Engineering
  • Req Number: HOT0A9J1
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What will I be doing?

As the Assistant Chief Engineer, you will be responsible for performing the following tasks to the highest standards:

• Direct and supervise the implementation of effective major problem reporting systems and routine maintenance to ensure that buildings, facilities and the surrounding environment are in good condition at all times.

• Develop the maintenance plan for facilities and equipment, guiding and supervising the maintenance work of employees and external contractors to ensure the smooth implementation of the maintenance plan.

• Draft specific requirements and evaluate quotations from Purchasing Managers for all works involving external contractors.

• Negotiate and follow-up with successful contractors to ensure that all work is done in compliance with company, local and regional health and safety standards.

• Organize and inspect the work of the Warehouse management in the Engineering department, implementing effective inventory management.

• Assist the Chief Engineer in carrying out long-term evaluation of equipment and make overhaul and re-purchase plans.

• Ensure the safe and efficient operation of all machine rooms and equipment.

• Pay attention to fire safety and solve safety hazards promptly to ensure no accidents.

• Assist the Chief Engineer in developing annual budgets and follow-up to achieve reasonable control.

• Supervise and manage the implementation of hotel management policies and procedures.

• Complete and provide all daily reports and reports required by the Chief Engineer, enabling the office of the Deputy Chief Engineer in maintaining a valid record / filing system.

• Liaise with the Fire, Power Supply, Water Supply, Urban Management and Epidemic Prevention departments to ensure that all requirements are documented and there are supportive recommendations as needed.

• Reasonable control of personnel to ensure that all employees remain efficient during working hours.

• Pay attention to employees' daily work performance, conducting regular performance evaluations with employees and provide guidance and advice for their personal development.

• Advise and organize potential employees to cross-train within the hotel, in other hotels or external institutions if necessary.

• Advise staff on transfers, promotions, disciplinary actions or dismissals.

• Recruit staff for the department with the assistance of the Human Resources Manager and Chief Engineer.

• Perform any other reasonable duties and duties as assigned.

• The department reserves the right to change or supplement the job description if necessary.



  • · 指导和监督实施有效的重大问题报告制度以及日常的维保工作,确保建筑物、设施和周边环境一直处在良好的状态。
  • · 制定设施设备的维保计划,指导和监督员工和外部承包商的维保工作,确保维保计划顺利实施;
  • · 涉及到外部承包商的所有工程,起草具体的要求并对采购部经理提供的报价进行评估。与中标的承包商商谈并跟踪确保所有工作能够完成,而且符合公司,当地和区域性健康和安全标准。
  • · 组织和检查工程部库管的工作,实施有效的库存管理。
  • · 协助总工程师对设备进行长期评估,制定大修及重新购买计划;确保所有机房和设备安全有效的运转;
  • · 关注消防安全,及时解决安全隐患,确保无安全事故发生;
  • · 协助总工制定年度预算,并进行追踪以达到合理的控制;
  • · 对酒店管理的政策和程序的实施进行监督管理
  • · 完成并提供总工程师所需的所有日常报告和报表。副总工办公室要保持有效的记录/档案系统。
  • · 保持与消防部门,供电部门,供水部门,城管和防疫部门等联系,确保所有要求备案,一旦需要,并应有一些具有支持性的建议。
  • · 对人员进行合理的管控,确保所有员工在工作时间内保持高效率;
  • · 关注员工日常工作表现,定期与员工进行进行绩效评估并给予员工的个人发展提供指导和建议;
  • · 如有必要建议和组织有发展潜力的员工在酒店内部交叉培训或到其他酒店、外部机构培训。建议员工的调动,提升,处分或开除。
  • · 在人事部经理和总工程师的协助下,招聘本部门的员工。
  • · 如有必要,该部门有权更改或补充该职位描述。
  • · 完成任何其他合理的职责和被指派的职责。

What are we looking for?

An Assistant Chief Engineer serving Hilton Brands is always working on behalf of our Guests and working with other Team Members. To successfully fill this role, you should maintain the attitude, behaviours, skills, and values that follow:

• Junior College graduate.

• Proficient in English to meet business needs.

• At least 10 years of experience in hotel / building services or other appropriate engineering fields.

• At least 5 years in a Duty Engineer position or 2 years in an Assistant Chief Engineer position in a 4 / 5-star hotel.

• Have specialized knowledge on water treatment, hydraulics, mechanics, chillers, air flows, H.V.A.C., L.V., electronics, sound, TV, lighting, elevators, boilers, pumps, etc.

• Capable of maintenance for all hotel building services including air-conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, electrical installation, lighting system, plumbing system, boiler, laundry, kitchen, lift, fire protection, escalator, sound system, TV system, etc.

• Possess knowledge of the requirements of government regulations and technical rules.

• Capable of following specifications for hotel services.

• Possess knowledge of energy conservation.

• Capable of training Engineering team members.



  • · 大专以上学历;
  • · 有一定英语阅读能力
  • · 应至少具有十年酒店的工作经验或其他有关的工程领域;
  • · 四星级以上酒店担任值班工程师五年以上或副总工师二年以上
  • · 具备有关水处理、机械、制冷机、通风、空调、弱电、音响、电视、灯光、电梯、锅炉、泵等方面的知识;
  • · 能够对酒店的设施设备进行维保,包括空调、通风、冷库、电力安装、灯光系统、泵、锅炉、洗衣房、厨房、电梯、消防、扶梯、音响系统、电视系统等;
  • · 了解掌握政府的要求和技术标准;
  • · 能够执行酒店服务的要求;
  • · 有节能方面的知识;
  • · 能够对工程部的员工进行培训;