Assistant Teacher - Center for Child Development Part-Time

Health First Melbourne, FL

About the Job


POSITION SUMMARY\:To be fully engaged in ensuring safety, providing quality education, and creating a memorable child and parent customer experience, while promoting financial stewardship. This is accomplished by providing quality care to the children of the associates of Health First. Teachers are responsible for developing and implementing lesson plans that align with the Florida Core Competencies for Early Care and Education PR actioners as well as following all regulatory rules and regulations according to The Department of Children and Families and our accrediting agency. Teachers must demonstrate a positive attitude toward working with children and a commitment to the program standards of developmentally appropriate practicesPRIMARY ACCOUNTABILITIES\: Maintain safety, health and nutritional procedures as determined by regulatory agencies. Demonstrate the ability to solve problems Demonstrate the knowledge and skills across the seven core knowledge areas Engage in communication and develop individual relationships with children. Foster positive interactions among children. Encourage age-appropriate emotional expression. Encourage child-centered play that considers the interests of the children. Understand the difference between a focus on process versus product and plan activities appropriately. Help children use words or communication devices to express their thoughts. Collect and organize information about each child on an ongoing basis including samples of the child’s work, anecdotal notes and accurate records.Quality/No Harm\: Follow regulations for the release of children to authorized persons. Follow regulations on staff/child ratios. Follow emergency procedures Identify signs of child abuse and neglect and report according to guidelines. Follow procedures for administering and storing medications. Follow procedures for maintaining a list of children in the classroom who have food allergies. Complete daily health checks on children and record any concerns. Recognize safe and unsafe use of indoor/outdoor equipment and respond accordingly. Respond to children’s injuries and report to appropriate staff member and fill out properreporting paperwork. Maintain a clean, safe and clutter free environment including safe equipment and toys. Follow established safe sleep practices for infants. Follow appropriate hand-washing procedures, including use of universal precautions, forself and children. Identify and attend to nutritional needs of children. Follow guidelines for sanitation practices and safe food handling. Provide a relaxed, positive and social atmosphere during meal times. Follow all rules of confidentiality set forth by Health First and regulatory agencies.Stewardship\: Maintain classroom equipment and materials inventory and inform appropriate staff ofmaterials needing attention. Develop and implement teaching strategies ensuring no more than one episode ofpreventable equipment loss within the year. Assist department manager in maintaining volume adjusted staffing patterns. Assist in reaching department and organization goals. Understand the goals, benefits, purposes and uses of screenings and assessments. Demonstrate the proper procedure for hand washing according to the regulatoryagencies. Demonstrate the proper diapering procedure according to the regulatory agencies. Demonstrate knowledge of fire procedures, evacuation routes, and use of fireextinguisher.Teamwork\: Assist in miscellaneous job duties and assignments as needed to ensure a safe andefficient operation. Work with all colleagues to ensure a seamless and smooth child care operation Support communication and procedures set forth by program director as needed. Share ideas and suggestions to help improve daily activities and the overall operation.Customer Experience\: Ability to build relationships with families and coworkers and create a dynamicenvironment where play and discovery go hand in hand. Good interpersonal and communication skills with children and adults. Respect for and acceptance of the diversity of children and families. Identify and describe basic developmental milestones. Recognize that children develop at different rates and have different temperaments thatmay affect their learning. Encourage and support independence for all children. Plan activities to promote positive relationships among all children. Assist in adapting environments and experiences to meet the individual needs of all thechildren. Recognize and respect that culture, language, socioeconomic factors, support systemsand special needs may influence how families nurture their children. Demonstrate respect for the family’s role as primary educator. Demonstrate respect for families’ choices and goals for their children.REV 4/2019 



 Department of Children and Families – Part I Child Care Facility 30-hour training requirement has been completed within 90 days of employment

 Part II Child Care Facility 10-hour training requirement has been completed within 90 days of employment

 Early Literacy 5 Hour training requirement has been completed within 90 days of employment

 American Heart Association Heart Saver Pediatric First Aide CPR AED is required prior to start date and must be renewed every two years.

 Ability to articulate own feelings and needs

 Desire to work with children

 As required by the Department of Children and Families, 10 hours of Child Development

in-service training is required annually


 Able to work in high noise levels.

 Able to stand and walk for prolonged periods of time.

 Able to bend and stoop.

 Normal or corrected vision and hearing

 Able to lift 50 pounds.

 Able to push/pull up to 25 pounds without assistance.


 Able to work in an environment with multiple stresses.

 Able to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.

 Must demonstrate good verbal and written skills.

 Must exhibit excellent positive communication skills

 Must demonstrate good organizational skills.