Hanes Brand Inc Rural Hall, NC

About the Job


Carry out all necessary functions to receive and ship finished goods to include verification of sku's order numbers, and other related information to ensure accuracy of inbound/outbound shipments. Generate appropriate legal documents to receive and ship cases. To include coordination of dock activities and carrier communication as directed by supervisors.


  • Analyze the Amazon work order process using the SAP application.
  • Release work orders from SAP daily to satisfy customer requirements.
  • Update daily spreadsheets to evaluate production on the Amscomatic Machines.
  • Update Management daily on Amazon efficiencies and volumes.
  • Monitor Ecomm orders daily and direct work flow of Amazon / Ecomm to the production floor.
  • Monitor the Citrix application process to ensure accuracy in reporting employee daily performances.
  • Be able to provide overall department coverage when needed.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Knowledge of WMI2013 system.
  • Knowledge of SAP Application.
  • Knowledge of all activities that should be performed for the assigned area of operation.
  • Must have excellent math skills, computer skills, and excellent communication skills.
  • Regular attendance is required.