Jr. Designer

Activision Middleton, WI

About the Job

Job Description:

RAVEN SOFTWARE, developer of numerous award-winning games, including the Call of Duty franchise, is looking for a passionate Junior Designer to join our team as we continue developing the best game experiences in the industry.

This is an entry-level, temporary position.

Ideal candidates are an excellent and persuasive communicator, have experience with first-person shooter (FPS) games, fierce skills in competitive FPS games, an aptitude for critical thinking and analysis, boundless creativity, a good visual aesthetic, solid scripting ability, strong sense of special design, extensive knowledge of the Call of Duty games, and a deep passion for playing videogames.

This role will work alongside experienced Raven Designers to complete content for our high-profile games. All Designers work on in-game content. This is a great opportunity to further develop skills, help the team, and improve your portfolio and see your work on the market.

  • Work closely with Senior Designers to deliver world-class gameplay experiences
  • Research subject matter relating to the design objective to ensure the authenticity of the experience
  • Implement the team's vision for the game levels
  • Play builds of games in-progress and provide prioritized, constructive feedback
  • Work with teams throughout development to help create levels that meet team expectations


  • Practical understanding of the design process including level design, weapons, AI, controls, UI, etc.
  • Functional command of a commercial 3D level editor (Radiant, UnrealEd, Hammer, UnityEd, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of GSC, C++, C Lua, or another scripting language
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must work creatively in a demanding technical environment
  • Can quickly learn and master new tools and implementation techniques
  • Absolute passion for playing and making the industry's best videogames


  • We use Radiant, so having previous experience with it is a big plus.
  • We use GSC for scripting, so knowing it is another big plus
  • Shipped game experience
  • Experience in another game development discipline (Art, Engineering, Animation, UI, Sound, etc.)
  • Mod community experience
  • Film industry experience


  • Cover Letter which includes:
    • What excites you about working for Raven Software
    • What abilities or skills make you stand out against all the other applicants
    • Give specific, real-world examples of where you meet each job requirement

  • Resume
    • Focus on relevant experience to the position you are applying for
    • Demonstrate your track record of conceiving and implementing excellent gameplay
    • If you have a portfolio, showing off finished work is highly recommended

* Only submittals with Cover Letters will be considered.

** Depending on previous experience, you may be required to complete a Design Test.