Scientist III, Protein Biology

Thermo Fisher Scientific Bangalore, Karnataka

About the Job

The candidate will work on ongoing R & D projects related to recombinant antibody development and validation.

Role & Responsibilities

Role: - To be a part of antibody development program and contribute to the design and testing of antibodies with a focus on performance and specificity, using state of the art molecular biology methods. The role requires candidate to be rigorous in scientific experimental planning and execution. Fluency in verbal and written communication of results in the work-place is highly desired.


  • Contribute in a fast- paced environment towards antibody development.
  • Experimental planning and execution to meet program goals. Timely record keeping of results into data sheets and laboratory note-books.
  • Regular mining of literature and keeping oneself and team up to date with developments in field of antibody development.
  • Compilation and presentation of data in written and oral formats. Active participation in team meetings.
  • Mentoring and training junior scientists in research, experimental execution and data presentation.
  • Attention to detail and schedules to meet program objectives.
  • Work with a team of scientists and provide technical and operational supervision to junior scientists to meet project deliverables

Candidate Requirement:

Education & Experience:

Ph.D in Biotechnology/Life Sciences or related discipline or Masters in cell biology/biotechnology, genetics or related fields with at least 7 years of relevant experience


  • Proficient with working in a molecular biology lab, with extensive experience in molecular biology, protein expression, protein purification, interrogating protein-protein interaction.
  • Expertise in development of conjugation chemistries or performing antibody conjugations.
  • Experience in antibody development platforms with knowledge of emerging technologies such as deep sequencing or mining of antibody repertoires using NGS, phage or cell display, affinity maturation etc.
  • Familiarity or experience in antibody engineering, computational tools for antibody modeling and rational design.
  • Ability to provide detailed technical trouble shooting to resolve scientific problems.
  • Proficient in software or platforms for molecular biology and sequence analysis, computer applications such as MS Office and statistic software such as GraphPad Prism.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent team player and ability to work with different colleagues in order to meet goals.
  • Experience with managing a team of scientists in a supervisory role is a plus